About Dragonfly Paper Arts

Hi there! I’m Laura, an artist who works primarily with rubber stamps and paper. I love doing mixed media pieces, altered art, and just plain creating with whatever comes to mind as I look at the stamp’s image. Greeting cards, ATCs, slide mailers, scrapbook pages… I’ve stamped some of all of them. I’ve been stamping off and on since the early 80’s, and despite the limited array of stamps available then, I was completely taken by the medium. At that point, the inks hadn’t reached the bewildering array that they have now… you had a felt pad and ink in a few colors, but if you were careful, you could color in the images without too much smudging.

Over the years, as my calligraphy has improved, and scrapbooking became the paper powerhouse that it is, my artistry with stamps and ink has improved as well. Those papers have added dimension and depth to the stamped art I create. I’ve acquired more inks, in pigment, dye, hybrid, and alcohol forms. I’ve learned different techniques, and found many that I still want to try. I’ve discovered a real enjoyment in playing around with stuff (ephemera, found items, hardware) and seeing how it will combine on the papers I’ve used.

I’ve also really been thrilled to watch the evolution of stamps. They’ve gone from itty-bitty things used to create personalized stationery to being rubber packed with fine detail and imagery. It gives me the ability to create what I can see in my mind’s eye, whether as little as an inchie, a twinchie, or an ATC, or as large as a 12″x12″ page (or larger, though I haven’t gone larger than that yet). This is a medium that is always changing, getting better and better, and allowing for greater expressions of creativity. It’s only going to get better!


2 responses to “About Dragonfly Paper Arts

  1. I like what I’ve seen of your blog so far. And I need some help with calligraphy as I want to use a pen with a nib. Have you done this?

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