Fantastic News!

I’m so excited! I’ve been chosen as one of the painters for Third Coast Rubber Stamp‘s newly created Design Team! They have a wonderful assortment of unmounted stamps, all different sizes and styles, to appeal to pretty much any type. I can’t wait to get started!


11 responses to “Fantastic News!

  1. Jessica AKA Sassystamptress

    Heh Girly …. love what you’ve done soo far!!! Congrats …. and cant wait to
    see all you will be creating!!! ….

  2. Congrets, and thanks for joyning my blog.

  3. I’m so excited that you’ll be joining us!

  4. You coulda told your mom ! Congratulations !! how exciting – can’t wait to see what you do !


  5. Jessica AKA Sassystamptress

    Your mom …. HOW CUTE!!!!

    • My mom’s been my biggest fan with regards to my cards for a really long time now. She’s the reason I started doing calligraphy, too. She had a dip pen and nibs in a wooden art box and a rubber stoppered bottle of india ink that sat in the top drawer of the desk. I wanted to use them so badly… so I asked, and was told I had to get really good with the calligraphy markers that I had, and then she’d consider it. So I practiced… made cards for everyone all the time with my kid drawings and my beginner calligraphy. *laugh* I was 13 when I received the coveted wooden box and bottle of ink. 😀 I haven’t looked back!

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