May 2011 Technique ATC swap

This project is for a Technique swap I’m in on Rubberstampchat. We’re supposed to pick an art/paper technique and use it prominently on our series of ATCs. I’d never done faux batik before (though I’ve experienced the melting part when not paying close-enough attention while using my heat gun on embossing powder *laugh*), so I decided to properly try this technique for our swap. I had a couple of leaf stamps and a flower that seemed to lend themselves to the batik imagery – fairly simple, mostly solid images with very little detail to get lost in the process.

This is the full sheet, just after melting the ink away

So with the leaves in mind, I pulled out my inks and decided to go with three shades of Clearsnap inks. I started with white cardstock, stamped the flower in clear embossing ink and powder, and then layered Lime Pastel chalk ink over it – breaking my Cat’s Eye pad in the process đŸ˜¦ – and then stamped the first leaf, embossing again with clear embossing powder. After I broke the pad (the sponge literally lifted clean off the base), I rethought the inking of the paper and opted instead for using a re-inker and a cosmetic wedge/sponge. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any chalk re-inkers – and I knew the pigment inks would require a longer drying time. So I inked the next color, Celadon, I left it to dry overnight, so the ink would dry all the way, and not be a sticking source for the embossing powder. The next morning, I stamped and embossed the second leaf, and then covered it in Alpine, which is a darker green. After going over the whole page, I then heated the page and started melting the embossing powder away.

The translucence created by the dried inks was really cool, as you can see. These pictures are of the full 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

Was it the pigment ink that made the paper translucent?

I was really impressed by what happened when I really held the paper up to my work light. I kept thinking to myself, if I had a desktop standing lamp or a table lamp that needed a shade, this would be really pretty! Instead, it got cut up ATC-sized and set aside to be turned into the finished piece.

Who knew it was going to turn out so cool!

Background paper was done, now for the image I planned to use: a Club Scrap stamp of a slightly stylized fern on a solid box with the word “breathe” under it. I didn’t want it to get lost on the batik paper, so I searched for a good solid green. Once I’d found the color and texture that I wanted, I measured the size of the stamped image, cut the paper to the proper size and number of pieces I’d need, and then distressed the paper. I took each piece, holding it by the opposite corners, and ran it up and down the straight edge of the table, followed by roughing up the edges. This gave the paper a leather type look.

I stamped the image in Dark Moss (Clearsnap ink), then embossed with Ranger’s Fine Detail embossing powder. After I finished embossing all the pieces, I wiped the edges with one layer of Peeled Paint Distress ink, and then ran a damp sponge over the ink. I followed with a second layer of ink and damp sponge. This softened the ink just a little, and allowed it to feather a little. After the ink was completely dry, I glued the piece into position on the the ATC and then added a little sparkle with Stickles in Patina. Overall, I think it turned out well.

Completed ATC - click on image to enlarge

So here it is… the finished ATC. What do you think?


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