I love rubber mail!

Went out for coffee last night with my heart-sister (we’re as close as sisters, but not related), and when I came home, I realized I hadn’t checked the mail yet. I’ve been expecting a package from one of my favorite stamp companies, but the whole week has been one disappointing trip to the mailbox after another. So I reached in, pulled out a couple of catalogs (one from Dick Blick! Hooray!) and a magazine, and then some other mail… and then I felt the plastic, bubble-wrap interior envelope shoved to the back. I pulled it out, a feeling of anticipation and glee racing through me. Was it? I turned the package over and checked the label. Yes! My newest acquisitions from Third Coast Rubber had arrived! I hurried into the house, greeted my husband and sons (who’d been at a Lego event that day and into the evening), and then opened my prized cargo.

Beautiful rubber images, unmounted and ready for me to attach cling foam to them, slipped into my hands. If it hadn’t been fairly late, I’d’ve cleaned and mounted them last night. Instead, I looked through them, seeing their placement in the project I have planned for them. Tonight, once everything and everyone has settled, I’ll clean them, mount them, and cut them out, for tomorrow I shall stamp!


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